Hi, I'm Tyler Romero.me I am an Applied Researcher and ML Engineer for Groundlight, a startup focusing on multimodal question-answering for industrial applications.

In the recent past, I worked on large-scale recommender systems at Twitter, where I built all of the ML and ran the A/B tests behind the experimentally-successful yet sadly short-lived downvote button. I also researched, trained, and shipped architecture improvements for ranking Twitter’s home timeline and conversation reply trees.And some of my work at Twitter is now open-source! Although the git-blame has been sanitized. Before Twitter, I worked as a Research Scientist building out greenfield ML projects at Microsoft.

My academic background includes a Master’s in computer science and machine learning from Stanford, with a Bachelor’s in computer engineering from Texas A&M. As an undergraduate, I performed research on novel implementations of parallel algorithms written in C / Cilk and interned as a Software Engineer at Bloomberg and Microsoft.I made a few contributions to Bloomberg’s Asset and Investment Management function and wrote Microsoft a data retrieval package for R that is still supported 8 years later.

You can reach me via email or LinkedIn message.